28 May 2020


All Day

3rd National Day of Mourning

We are days away from the 3rd National Day of Mourning, and as leaders, we will like to invite your leadership of the commemoration in your constituency for this event.

This year, the event will be completely virtual: there will be no physical gatherings, and so we are hoping we can together capture the high ground of the virtual world and raise awareness that in spite of, (and in some instances, because of) COVID-19, Nigeria’s theatre of violence is still as intense as it was 3 years ago – even in a lockdown.
The theme for this year is: Yet, Not At War  and the hashtags are:  #YetNotAtWar #NDoM2020 #NigeriaMourns #NigerianLivesMatter #StopTheKillings

We welcome your creativity in engaging your constituencies, and recommend some basic actions that you can take:

1. Engage your constituency on social media (Twitter, Facebook,  Instagram, WhatsApp groups, and status), daily posting count down posters to the NDoM, and demanding accountability for these killings, internal displacement, the security budget,  and the undue hardship our security officers are subjected to. (Please feel free to create your own posters or request the media kit)

2. Raise awareness on radio call-in programs in your state.

3. Use the poster or virtual tee shirt  as your DPs

4. Source and read out on social media the names and life stories of victims in your state in the period leading up to, and on May 28, 2020

5. Wear black on May 28 and invite others to do the same.

6. Let’s collectively observe a minute silence on May 28 at noon and encourage the media to do so.

7. Write media organisations in your state informing them of this citizen’s led movement and inform them of your availability to speak about it. We will be happy to provide you with the data kit to effectively engage.

The event is finished.

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