Turning The COVID-19 Tragedy into an Opportunity for a New Nigeria: 8 Essential steps










In a bid to project Nigeria towards a self-sufficient, modern and inclusive economy, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria  Godiwn Emefiele has proposed 8 essential steps to turning the tide and transforming Nigeria’s ailing economy as it currently stands and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic:

  1. Build a base of high quality infrastructure, including reliable power that can engender industrial activities;
  2. Support both smallholder and large scale agriculture production in select staple and cash crops;
  3. Create an ecosystem of factories, storages and logistics companies that move raw materials to factories, and finished products to markets;
  4. Use our fiscal priorities to create a robust educational system that enable critical thinking and creativity which would better prepare our children for the world of tomorrow;
  5. Develop a healthcare system that is trusted to keep all Nigerians healthy, irrespective of social class;
  6. Facilitates access to cheap and long term credits for SMEs and large corporates
  7. Develop and strengthen pro-poor policies that bring financial services and security to the poor and vulnerable; and
  8. Expedite the development of venture capitalist for nurturing new ideas and engendering Nigerian businesses to compete globally.

You can access the full document here

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