OPINIONS – Human Rights and Governance Bulletin – Week 2

Covid-19: Nigerians and Disobedience

Since the Federal Government’s order for the gradual easing of the lockdowns took effect in Lagos State, Ogun State as well as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT); shocking evidence of the failure of residence to self-adhere and comply to the guidelines have emerged in several scenarios.  The Presidential Task Force (PTF) on the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19), just 24 hours after the easing of lockdown, expressed disappointment at Nigerians’ behavior. Read more


COVID-19 lockdown: FG, states to find equilibrium for social and economic sustainability

While the global outbreak of Covid-19 , continues to cause significant health challenges across the world, and has had devastating impacts on the world economies; there is no doubt that the natural environment is the biggest gainer in different scenarios this pandemic has created. With most factories and businesses closed, fewer cars on the road, and fewer planes in the sky, our natural environment getting a breather from humanity and is recovering slowly. Read more

Covid-19: An Economic Restructuring Opportunity

The downturn of the Nigerian economy by the pandemic is offering the country an opportunity to revisit the seemingly vexatious subject of political and economic restructuring, to guarantee the immediate and future viability of the country. Read More

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